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Mat Henderson

I've often laughed it off or kidded myself in to thinking that because I do lots of active sports I must be fit. The truth is that I was desperately unfit and close to breaking point.

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Claire Davis

Over the years I had noticed how much harder it was becoming to stay motivated and carry on with any sport until the lets watch a movie together had won.

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Paul Woodward

You know it seems strange to me now looking back that in march 2010 I very nearly checked out of this planet and went to meet the great beyond. I was unfit overweight suffering from asthma and if my brother had not have taken me to hospital I would have been no more.

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Candice Bagniuk

I had tried to lose weight on many occasions but failed miserably. My self esteem, confidence and health was at an all time low To be happier, healthier, looking and being much thinner was just a dream

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Steph Conolly

Feelings before starting: Fat, unattractive, very unfit, not able to keep up with kids. No energy and constantly overeating.

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Aaron Parker

It all started in 2006, I was way overweight and getting bigger. I was starting to get out of breath and very tired all the time. This stopped me going out and socialising with my family and friends, I was embarrassed with what I'd become.

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Sarah House

Rich was my personal training this year leading up to my 'Ibiza round the Island cycle challenge' which involved cycling up many steep ascents of which I hadn't done before.

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John Winterburn

On my first visit to the Less Slinn gym it soon became obvious that I need to improve my core body strength.

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