You know it seems strange to me now looking back that in march 2010 I very nearly checked out of this planet and went to meet the great beyond.

I was unfit overweight suffering from asthma and if my brother had not have taken me to hospital I would have been no more.

Although I did start to get fitter myself (even lost half a stone), I was dragged along by a friend to see Claire Slinn in May 201 1, I honestly did not think anyone could help alter all I have always been a big person and at 24st 71bs I was still kidding myself and thinking everything was ok, and if I am completely honest I only started a personal training session with Vickie Groves to make my friend happy, I did not think it would do that much good but I thought I would try.

Wow what a decision that turned out to be, now in February 2013 I have lost 8 stone I now weigh l6st 7lbs and I am fitter than I have been in years. I have started running again and I now am able to do lots of things with ease, to give you an ideal currently play Badminton, go dancing (jive Charleston and lindy hop), walk, run, do a weekly I to 1 personal training session. All of this would not be possible if it had not been for Les Slinn and the team. I found Vickie to be very inspirational encouraging me to make healthier food choices and change my eating habits completely, the other thing which I found encouraging was the fact that if I lost 3 or 4lbs in a week Vickie and now Amy were more excited about it than I was. More importantly though if I have a bad week they do not judge you just help you to understand what went wrong.

I now train with Amy who is just as helpful and challenging, I have more confidence fitness and I am happier than I have been in years. The doctors have taken me of all my tablets and have told me I now should live an extra 20 to 25 years. I would say to anyone if you are overweight and have tried other diets that have not worked or you are unfit I would give les or Claire a ring and try something different, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, who know in the months to come it could be you writing a testimonial telling everyone of your success.

Thank you to all the team at Les Slinn and in particular Amy and Vickie and Claire.

Paul Woodward - February 2013.
Alive & kicking!
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