Group training

Have fun and train with friends and family at the same time. A great way to get involved and keep motivated.

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Checkout our range of fitness and strength classes. All our class sizes are small with an emphasis on fun and results.

Group Training

Getting fit needed be a lonely old business; often working out with friends can help give you the little extra motivation that you might need. Working out with friends, family and colleagues is also really enjoyable and fun. It can often be difficult to get everyone together at a main stream gym unless everyone is a member. Not only that but when you hook up who leads? Who ensures you're training correctly and safely? It's probably the fittest person that takes up the team leader role but this isn't always a good idea. If you've got a group of friends, or a few family members or even a bunch of you at work that have been laying in to the donuts over coffee a bit too much then LS Personal Training can get you together at our personal gym and devise a perfect group work out for you. You may sweat a little (or even a lot) but we know you'll love the atmosphere generated by training hard with people you know.

It may be a group session but just like in the army, no one gets left behind. Your individual needs are carefully dealt with by one of our expert personal trainers to ensure you love the session as much as everyone else does. There is no such thing as a perfect training session and there isn't a one size fits all approach. By getting to know each member of the group we can ensure that whilst training together you are working towards your own goals.

We can create group sessions for three to four people or we can accommodate larger groups up to twelve in size by taking over the whole gym. Larger group sizes are ideal for clubs and corporate use and can be a great way of team building. We can even come to you if you'd rather. Obviously there are a few logistical things that we would need to check but if you can host us then we can come to your club, office or school and organize a session for you. We don't need you to have a fancy gym or equipment as our personal trainers have a host of fun games and exercise routines that they can bring to you which are sure to get your heart pumping.

From a financial point of view group sessions have the added advantage of reduced cost per head. Depending on the size of the group it can be a more economical way to get fit. We can let you know specific pricing for you group so just pick up the phone and get in touch; we'll take care of everything so all you need to worry about is picking a suitably daft name for your team.

Fit ball classes, book now!

Our fit ball classes are fun, informal and run by one of our expert personal trainers. Fit ball classes are a great way to burn loads of calories whilst building core strength. It's amazing how much fun you can have with a large inflatable beach ball at our gym!