14 STONE & 1LB (197LBS)

Feelings before starting: Fat, unattractive, very unfit, not able to keep up with kids. No energy and constantly overeating. Struggling to get size 18 clothes to fit. Embarrassed by appearance, looks, clothes and size. Very low self esteem. All very negative thoughts and very little self respect. Fear and loathing set in on my 41 birthday and I decided enough is enough. Time to change.

Weekly loss
Total loss

Thurs 11 April
14ST 1LB
Nervous but excited and determined.

Mon 15th April
6 lbs
6 lbs
Breathing easier when under exercising.

Got up off floor easier.

Legs hurting less by end of week.

Rings went on my fingers a little easier.

Mon 22 April
3 lbs
9 lbs
Walking easier and less leg pain.

Managed to walk a little faster this week

Fitted into a size 16 (bit snug though!)

Mon 29 April
4 lbs
13 lbs
Lots of emotional ups and downs this week.

Did't feel hungry but was in a bad mood a lot!

Threw away lots of old shabby clothes and underwear which felt good.

Tues 7May
3 lbs
16 lbs
Thrilled to have crossed the first stone mark.

Walked lots and got new trainers, they are obviously trying to correct my gait as my legs hurt a LOT.

Mon 13 May
13 lbs
Feel really terrible and disheartened at no loss. It's not like I don't have much to lose!

Very teary and lots of emotional turmoil. Feeling lonely but not letting this stop me. Can either start eating again or just stop feeling sorry for myself.

Decided to do the latter and reduce / review my food intake.

Will be really gutted if I don't lose next week – after all the rabbit food.

Mon 20 May
6 lbs
22 lbs
Now that's more like it! How good do I feel?

On the down side, had another general bad mood week (last week) so that needs to stop asap! I believe it's just frustration and maybe finally coming down off excess sugar?

Taken weeks for my trainers to stop hurting but they have done wonders for my legs by helping correct my gait.

Mon 27 May
2 lbs
24 lbs
Not far to go for the 2 stone mark!

Mood is a lot better this week and I'm feeling super determined right now. My determination is growing by the day.

Failing on this is really not an option. I would be leaving too many people down!

Mon 3 June
4 lbs
28 lbs
OMG - I've just hit the 2 stone mark. That's only 7.5 weeks!! YIPPPPPEEEEE!! On a total high and set to start on the next 2 stone.

Clothes fit much better.

So much more energy, happy to do lots of housework and not puffing and panting my way through it.

Mon 10 June
2 lbs
30 lbs
Delighted with that steady loss.

Fitted into a size 14 jeans which is fantastic.

Legs are hurting less every week.

Getting lots of compliments which is encouraging.

Mon 17 June
2 lbs
32 lbs
Great result. Left leg pain greatly reduced.

Right leg still hurts but improving.

Seems the workout intensity has been increased since last week and it HURTS!! However feel so much better and happier.

Housework is slipping cos of this!

Took out smaller clothes to see what I have to look forward to! They are all size 10 & 12's but thrilled with myself. None of them fit yet but I've washed and prepped them all – ready for the big day! 100% believe I will fit into a size 10 by Christmas. Santa better be good to me!

Mon 24 June
2 lbs
34 lbs
Had a fairly good week.
I took Tara to Paultons park and that wasn't a great day for eating and I hope I don't gain because of it.

Felt much better in myself and leg pain improvement yet again.

Went clothes shopping with Mandy and it was so fantastic. Spent too much but got lots of lovely stuff, this has really spurred me on yet again to keep going.

I'm desperate to get into my size 12 jeans now.

Tummy is going down nicely (regardless of the looser skin).

Mon 1 July
2 lbs
36 lbs
Delighted yet again. This is a steady loss and it all adds up! Wore high heels last week for the first time in about 7 years. Managed ok but probably looked funny!

Was a very good week for compliments re hair, clothes and weight loss.

I do feel a bit tired so need to improve the quality of food.

Spartacus, Bloody Spartacus. That was attempted murder.

Mon 8 July
3 lbs
39 lbs
Wow, great loss.

Brought Erin swimming on sat and helping her was effortless. I used to struggle under my own bulk.

I feel that my appetite is reducing and I'm not too hungry a lot of the time. Eating at times because I have to.

Mon 15 July
3 lbs
42 lbs
Another OMG mark! The 3 Stone mark has now been reached. How amazing, 3 months from when I started.

Fitted into my size 12 jeans (but couldn't breathe very well ha ha). Doesn't matter, I'm thrilled. Another few pounds and they will fit so much better.

Wore high heels and a sleeveless top, SHOCK horror. Haven't worn a sleeveless top in years.

Nails are long and strong.

Mon 22 July
3 lbs
45 lbs
Can't find notes from this week! Doing well though and really looking forward to my Mother visiting.

Mon 29 July
1 lbs
46 lbs
I have surpassed my expectations so far. I really believed this was a massive task to undertake and it would take me well over a year to achieve which turned me off starting for a long time.

Size 12 clothes are fitting comfortably now. Into the (8 year old) jeans easily now!

Nails doing well, skin doing well. Tummy is loose but it's a small price to pay and I can always blame the kids for that.

Starting to get used to being smaller and now wishing for the day to come when I will fit into the size 10.

My bum is reducing and Gary is now calling me FlatBum.

Still have a lot of work to do, lots of toning required.

Had my hair done and my confidence is up greatly. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Maybe fit the size 10 by end of Oct??? Fingers crossed.

Mon 5 Aug
+1 lbs
45 lbs
Aaaaggggghhhh - Put weight on. Pissed off but too tired, bloated and achy to be overly angry. I'll just adjust the food/water intake to make up for this. Might have had something to do with the two meals out, bad girl.

Mom was delighted with my loss which makes me happy.

Got rid of all clothes of a size 16 and 18 and most of the size 14. My aunty I've not seen in months noticed too which was good. Posted a pic of me and girls on FB the other day and had a very positive response.

Not had enough water this week.<.br />
Legs hurting less. Sweating more.

Sleeping not great at the moment.

Mon 10 Aug
4 lbs
49 lbs
This is my last weigh in before my 2 week holiday. Really need to behave on hols cos I desperately don't want to gain.

Mon 12 Aug
Walking a lot and not going overboard on treats.

End of week 1 of holiday and I deserve a pat on the back!

Mon 19 Aug
Yet again walking loads. Went out for two meals but was very good at one of them. I ate healthy at the other but did have a pudding! Bliss,first one since I started in April.

Mon 27 Aug
3 lbs
52 lbs
Wow, I've been away for two weeks but still managed to lose 3lbs!! I'm such a good girl. Lots of nice words from family and friends on holiday which was amazing.

Bought a fab size 10 top and it fits great!

Mon 2 Sep
2 lbs
54 lbs
Nice loss. Getting there. Dropping down to one session a week now (but hoping to start Monday night circuits soon).

Mon 12 Sep
54 lbs
Bummer! No loss.

Having a very bad month with bloating and tummy problems so I'm not going to beat myself up about this. I'm doing very well.

Mon 19 Sep
56 lbs
Another OMG – I've just hit the 4 stone mark! I'm very happy.

Most of my size 10 tops are fitting now! Sooner than I thought.

I bought size 10 trousers the other day and the black ones I already have fit (a bit snug still).

I've now reset my target by another 8 lbs. Really hoping I could pull this off for Christmas.

Went to my first Monday night circuits class and was very nervous. I am very happy to say I held my own and completed the class without collapsing or showing myself up!! Couldn't talk for an hour afterwards though!

Mon 26 Sep
57 lbs
Deb gave me 4 pairs of blue jeans and one black. The two A&F ones fit but the Armani ones don't yet. Would deffo need another half stone off. However I'm delighted re the others fitting as they are size 10s.

Fri 4 Oct
59 lbs
Great loss. Had a breakout of spots this week but im not too worried. Managed to get the Armani jeans that Deb gave me on but they are too snug!! Think I'm getting the flu as I have a loss of energy. Still managed to do circuits on Monday which I am really enjoying. All good.

I finally gave in my before/after photos to Les. My 10 year old daughter tells me the before photos made her cringe but said she is so proud of my achievement – bless her. I agree with her – the before photos are a shocker. A copy has gone up on my fridge along with photos of the fat/muscle lumps Les has down in the gym.

I will NOT fail at this and I will NOT go back to the fat hellhole I've been in for the past few years.

Happy Happy, I'm not a fat mummy anymore. I hold my head up now and my confidence and mojo are returning weekly.

Fri 11 Oct
59 lbs
Had a mild flu hanging around all week. Zapped of energy and didn't record food intake so I need to get back into gear for this week. On the plus side I have managed to get the smaller of the size 10 jeans on (that deb gave me) but still too tight for public viewing.

Fri 18 Oct
63 lbs
Big YAY to me as this is now four and a half stone.

Hugely encouraging loss this week. Just shows that recording food intake works!

I feel a difference in the size of my tummy and feel it's a little flatter and smaller of the size 10 jeans are looking good!
Only 4lbs to go and then Im done for losing and will just move onto maintenance from there.
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