Group training

Have fun and train with friends and family at the same time. A great way to get involved and keep motivated.

Class timetables

Checkout our range of fitness and strength classes. All our class sizes are small with an emphasis on fun and results.

Why use a personal trainer?

It may seem obvious on the face of it why a personal trainer (PT) may be a good thing, and by the way it is, however do you really know the true benefit that comes from using a personal trainer? Given you are reading this you probably haven't used a personal trainer before, or worst still, have, and have had a bad experience.

Personal training isn't the holy grail of getting fit, it isn't a magic spell that forces the pounds to leap off or pump those biceps up to the size of water melons and it certainly isn't for those people that think a gym session consists of a sauna and dip in the Jacuzzi. Personal training is just that, personal. You get out of personal training what you put in.

A personal trainer can't do the work for you; they can only motivate you and give you the skills you need to train yourself in the best possible way for you. Sure a PT can help you reach your goals quicker than by training on your own but this can only happen if you commit to the training as much as your personal trainer will commit to you and your needs.

Here at LS Personal Training you won't find personal trainers that pay lip service to clients or that simply go through the motions of a session. You won't find us sitting down or gazing longingly at the clock, no sir, not a chance. And that's because we believe personal training is a partnership, something great, a meeting of minds and the forging of a special connection. The difference is we actually want you to achieve your goals and care immensely about helping you reach them.

A PT isn't a status symbol or the play thing of the rich and famous (although some probably aspire to this) and our personal trainers at LS Personal Training can be booked for single sessions without any long term commitment. You can see as little or as much of us as you like but rest assured regardless of frequency you'll still get the expert training afforded to everyone at our gym.

We'll push you when the going is good and we'll pick you up when things are tough. We'll listen, advise, help and ensure you don't waste a single drop of sweat along the way. With tailored training plans, reviews and life style advice our personal trainers will give you the focus you need to succeed – all we ask from you is to bring the determination!

Fit ball classes, book now!

Our fit ball classes are fun, informal and run by one of our expert personal trainers. Fit ball classes are a great way to burn loads of calories whilst building core strength. It's amazing how much fun you can have with a large inflatable beach ball at our gym!