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Have fun and train with friends and family at the same time. A great way to get involved and keep motivated.

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Checkout our range of fitness and strength classes. All our class sizes are small with an emphasis on fun and results.

Fitness Assesment.

How can you start a journey without knowing where you are starting from? How can you judge how well you do if you don't put a stake in the sand? Do you know how hard you can safely exercise without risking serious injury? At LS Personal Training we believe that before you embark on any exercise plan it is vital to assess your current fitness level.

At this point you probably have images in your head of being made to do press ups until you pass out or running around whilst being shouted at by a 200lb drill sergeant. Fortunately for everyone our fitness assessments are a little more relaxed than this, in fact they are all together pretty laid back. Sure you'll break a sweat but you'll be carefully watched over by one of our expert instructors.

We will always put a heart monitor on you (don't worry if you never used one as they are simply worn on a chest strap, they don't zap you, vibrate or make a beeping sound and in fact you'll forget you are wearing one within a couple of minutes) to ensure we can see how well your body takes a bit of gentle exercise.

We'll also check your blood pressure with our digital blood pressure machines to make sure that everything's okay under the hood. We then take a few measurements, height, weight and age, we'll do a few simple body fat and flexibility checks in order to piece together an accurate picture of your level of fitness.

It doesn't matter if you are an 18 year old performance athlete or an 80 year old scrabble champion everyone gets the same MOT health check. We then analyse the results and write them up in an easy to understand report so you know exactly where the stake in the sand is. For more details and a chat with someone that really wants to listen just give us a call or send us an email.

Clare's Good Food Tips

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Learn how to live a healthy life style without fearing the bathroom scales. Find out how real people have changed their lives with the help of LS Personal Training.