My Story.

I started running at the end of 2012 and made good progress on my own. However, before long I began to suffer various running injuries and soon realised that I needed professional help. By this time I had joined the Slinn Allstars running group and I asked a few runners what I could do to improve my running, several of them said 'go and see Les' which is what I decided to do.

On my first visit to the Les Slinn gym it soon became obvious that I need to improve my core body strength and build-up the muscle groups in my legs; I also wanted to improve my upper body strength.

The work I have been doing with Les has had a dramatic effect. I can feel the improvements in my running and feel more confident taking part in half-marathon events. I always look forward to and enjoy my gym session with Les and return home feeling that I done something worthwhile and that is helping me to maintain my fitness.

John Winteburn - November 2014.
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