The beginning.

It all started in 2006, I was way overweight and getting bigger. I was starting to get out of breath and very tired all the time. This stopped me going out and socialising with my family and friends, I was embarrassed with what I'd become.

I'd argue with people a lot because they were warning me about what could happen if I carried on the way I was going.

All I did all day was lay around watching TV in bed or on the settee, eating crisps, chocolates, sweets and biscuits washing it down with coke, lemonade or any fizzy drinks. My meals consisted of chips, burgers, pizza, fry ups, takeaways and cheese on toast.

It was embarrassing buying clothes, I couldn't find anything to fit me which embarrassed me more and made me conscious that people were looking at me. I had to go to special clothes shops or order off the internet for big people.

If I went away on holiday I would always wear clothes on the beach or hide in the sea because I didn't want people to see my body. Ten years ago I went away with my brothers and their partners to Gran Canaria. There were lots of sand dunes and they were running up and down them…..I couldn't even walk half way up, it was so annoying and upsetting. I couldn't go on any rides at the theme parks and ended up standing and watching everyone else enjoy themselves.

I knew I had to do something!

My Aunt and uncle were very worried about me. My aunt got in touch with Les as she knew him from the gym she went to. I started having a session once a week and doing everything he told me to do when I wasn't with him. After 4 years I had lost a massive 8 stone so I decided to "go it alone". I thought I was doing exactly the same thing as when I was seeing Les but found, after 18 months, I had gained 3 stone.

Devastated I went back to seeing him every other week and have now lost the 3 stone and a further stone bringing my total to 9 stone loss. With just half a stone to go I will be the ideal weight for me and enjoy going to theme parks and running!

I now have more confidence and my fitness level is such that I can partake in any activity.

Aaron Parker - July 2014.
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