Ibiza round the Island cycle challenge.

Rich was my personal training this year leading up to my 'Ibiza round the Island cycle challenge' which involved cycling up many steep ascents of which I hadn't done before.

My training was primarily on the Watt bike every week and I was amazed at how important this was in building up my leg strength and stamina. As the weather was wet and cold at the begining of the year it was ideal training and I was impressed at the end when Rich showed me the difference it had made. I truly believe that without this I would not have been able to cycle up those Ibizian hills.

Rich was a supportive and encouraging trainer with a great deal of knowledge relating to cycling not only on how to use the Watt bike but on nutrition and core strength building.

I would recommend Rich and the Watt bike to anyone who intends to enhance their performance in cycling, it was so good I plan to return to train with Rich for the London to Paris...

Sarah House - July 2014.
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