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Personal profile.
Richard Phillips.
Personal Trainer.
How long have you worked in health & fitness?
6 years.
How long have you worked at LSPT?
6 years.
Why did you become a Health Professional?
Having struggled and overcoming weight issues as a teenager I know the effort that it takes to take change the way you live and after attending gyms for a number of years I noticed that the only people who seemed to get any instruction were 'the fit people'. I wanted to help people who were trying to get fit but not getting any support in one of the places that they need it the most. It takes a huge amount of guts to walk into a gym when you don't feel like 'one of the beautiful people'.
What qualifications do you have?
Advanced Personal Trainer.
Reps Level 3 advanced Instructor.
Sports and Recreation NVQ2, coaching.
Torso & Core Stability Instructor.
Pilates Instructor.
Circuits Instructor.
What is the most satisfying part of your job?
Helping and seeing people not only reach their goals, but change as a person. A persons goal could be to complete a marathon or to lose weight however some of the most satisfying things are the mental and emotional changes, such as holding your head high, looking in the mirror and it may sound silly but walking down the street and checking themselves out in the shop windows and thinking 'looking good'.
What sporting achievement are you most proud of and why?
That’s an easy one, my first half marathon. You may ask why? However that is what started me on the journey towards a career in Health and Fitness and why I do what I do today. I done may races since the half marathon however that was my starting point.
What's your ultimate sporting goal?
The Race Across America. This is a cycle race that crosses 12 states, passes through 88 counties and 350 communities and the distance is 3000 miles and 12 days to complete it in, riding between 250-300 miles per day, balancing speed, distance and the need for food and sleep.
What's your best tip for keeping fit and healthy?
Always write a menu for the week so when you go shopping you only buy the food you need, saving you money and time when you come in from work and don’t know what to eat. Keep moving !! If your job is sedentary make sure you get up and walk around every hour. If you use a mobile, walk around whilst on it, you’ll be surprised how many miles you clock up in a week. And miles walked = calories burnt.
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