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Personal profile.
Clare Slinn.
Nutrition & Weight Management advisor and business admin.
How long have you worked in health & fitness?
4 years.
How long have you worked at LSPT?
7 years.
Why did you become a Health Professional?
Battled with my weight for many years and wanted to help others become happier using my qualifications, personal knowledge and experiences.
What qualifications do you have?
Nutrition & Weight management advisor.
Indoor bike instructor.
Leader in running fitness.
Enhanced CRB.
First Aid.
Vibrogym Level 1.
What is the most satisfying part of your job?
Helping people realise how they can make little changes but with big effects. Giving them confidence in themselves again.
What sporting achievement are you most proud of and why?
Completing a summer & Winter tough guy which pushed me to my physical and mental limits. Still scared of heights though!
What's your ultimate sporting goal?
Complete a half iron man event.
What's your best tip for keeping fit and healthy?
Drink water regularly EVERY day. Being well hydrated will give you energy to live life to the full.
What's your most embarassing sporting moment?
When my cycling shoe became unclipped during a busy indoor bike class and I ended up dangling over my handle bars!
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